Embodied Expressive Arts for adults

Workshops are led by Lanie Bergin.


Move, Art and Reflect

Follow the path inside yourself letting successive explorations – of your head, spine, ribs, legs…. guide you to new discoveries and reflections on a physical, mental and emotional level.

This workshop is a great opportunity to experience the flow of an embodied expressive arts practice. While focusing on your body mythology (body story) you will learn how to apply the expressive arts tools; art-making, writing, reflection with self and others, witnessing, observing, and working with sound/narrative.

You will be working with the methods and tools that we use in our teaching and learning models, such as:

  • Movement-Cycle: learn how to use the basic elements of movement study to recognize, track, follow and develop an understanding of yourself in movement
  • Art-Cycle: learn how to shift and blend with the expressive arts tools in your work while sustaining the thematic thread
  • Reflection: learn the 3 levels of witnessing, an approach to seeing and being with self and others

We use the knowledge that we get from our body and with combinations of movement, art-making, sound, breath, and imagery we deepen our understanding of ourselves in movement.

Therefore, an embodied expressive arts practice can offer:

  • Increased sense of wellbeing
  • Expanded creative expression (mentally, emotionally and physically)
  • Integrated learning and transformation

Sign-up and what you will need: 

Reservations Required: Send an email to info@berginlearningarts.com to reserve your space. Register fo class here.

**Art materials are included. Bring your journal and wear comfortable, layered clothing.

**Classes are not “skill-based.” Open to ALL! The process work that we engage with is about human development and expression — via using the creative arts in ways to help us better understand ourselves and others. 


Please see our PDX EXA! 500-hour Professional Training Program’s Intro Workshops here.

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