Scope of Expressive Arts Education for personal and professional development

Expressive arts education is about the particular qualities and approaches that can be learned and applied as an artistic process and which illuminate ways of being, knowing and doing. The curriculum includes a practice that is holistic and dynamic and involves reflection, description and problem solving. We employ a mixed-modality approach of identifying and explaining intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships/communication and creativity in a discovery-oriented process.

Educators are given tools so that they may participate deeply in reflection to their inner witness and to remain strongly connected to intuitive body-based knowledge which can guide and enhance personal growth and professional growth such as, self-care (and empathy), skillful facilitation (non-conflict resolution).

Three ways to get started
1. Form a group for an introduction session about Expressive Arts Education for personal & professional development

Form a group of colleagues for an in depth study of Bergin Learning Arts embodied education methods at work. Engage in reflexive participation about what embodiment means and how it intersects with the roles we play in education and in life.

Explore questions including: What is the relationship between personal mythology and how we teach/guide and trust our emotional rapport with the people we work with? What environments promote safety and self-directed learning? What structures support relationships, collaboration and caring?

When we integrate our personal mythology into our life’s work we can begin to trust our work, our style and what we believe in more creatively and openly. In this way, we open the door to new kinds of relationships with a balanced sense of solidarity and participation.

The work you do in an expressive arts workshop will be mirrored in the work you do with others.

Come explore and deepen the understanding of these important concepts and possibilities; expanding our knowledge as educators, teachers and counsel of the adults & young children that we collaborate with.

2.  Get details about The Teacher’s Way™ workshop series
3. Make an appointment with us for an Introduction Workshop to Expressive Arts Education.  Reply here….