Lanie provides a safe, nurturing, and inspirational experience that allows creative wisdom and healing. Deep insights and new truths emerge every session.

~Kathleen Maloney

After months of private sessions with Lanie, I am in the midst of a renaissance. My creative self has blossomed into a more vibrant, authentic creature. The carefree artist I always knew resided deep within me, but was too afraid to enliven, has proclaimed a new day, a new dawn. It was in the studio with Lanie that, for the first time in my life, the boundaries between movement, visual art and the spoken word dissolved, freeing me up to tap into my deepest emotional recesses with grace and ease. Much of the credit for my artistic resurrection goes to Lanie’s gently persistent guidance and the safe yet provocative space she created for us to work in.

~Marisol Pierre

It [drawing] does produce results and the drawing aspect does allow another way or actually even an opening to view what’s inside with a different perspective; taking that perspective and seeing where it could lead.

~Laura Farner

Lanie has opened my yoga experience to an expansive place where there is nothing to achieve. She is expert with subtle adjustments and concrete visualizations that allow a connection between breath and movement unique to each student. She challenges me to put aside judgments and expectations about a particular outcome, and open my mind to deep listening. Through Lanie’s teaching I find an inner strength and peacefulness that extends beyond my mat. I have practiced yoga in Portland, Oregon for six years at various studios and I have worked with Lanie for two years. Her ability to make yoga accessible and safe for all levels of practice is a gift we are fortunate to receive.

~ Nicole Deering

Lanie is amazing! Three years ago when I started practicing with Lanie I was being treated for high blood pressure. I am now completely off the medication and I attribute it all to Lanie teaching me how to breathe, stay calm and focused. Her teaching style is very soothing and nurturing, yet serious and challenging.

~Lori Gaffney

After the birth of my second child, I had significant lower and upper back pain. A friend of mine recommended Lanie, and I took one of her group yoga classes. I loved her positive attention that left me feeling focused, energetic, and amazingly sore–in a good way! Because of prior injuries, I had been weary of yoga and over-exuberant instructors. After that class, I immediately booked Lanie for private instruction. It was amazing how after a short time, I felt like I was walking around in a different body. Lanie personalized workouts for me that she printed out for my reference. Her education on movement, positioning and breath was something that I quickly integrated into my day-to-day life. Not only is she an excellent teacher, she is FUN!

~Caroline Rhame

I attended my first Expressive Arts & Yoga class recently, and though I have been practicing with Lanie for years this class had a distinctly different feel from other classes. It was an interesting exercise in focus. The class calls upon a different set of personal tools from what you utilize in a traditional yoga class. Lanie guides you through what seems like simple, deliberate actions that challenge your brain to process opposites differently (i.e. slowly opening one hand while you make a fist with another). It reminded me how much we move through our day relying on muscle memory for the many actions we complete each day. The class ends with an opportunity to articulate, through art or writing, anything that the class brought up for you. This element of unexpected fun and sharing is a nice touch at the end of such an intense class. My body and brain had a new experience and that felt refreshing.

~Audra Brown – Portland OR