Embodied Expressive Arts – Introductory Workshops

Bergin Learning Arts Founders – Lanie Bergin and Tom McLaren


Introductory Workshops with Lanie Bergin 

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Intro Workshops will be back in June 2018!

Our training groups are small and fill up quickly, be sure to get on our mailing list so that you can attend a mandatory introductory workshop!

Learn about our 500-hour training program in somatic and movement-based expressive arts education/therapy 

  • Level 1 – 250 hours: Personal work / Group framework. Personal work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. So even though the first level focusses on you as the subject matter you will still learn foundational tools for working with others
  • Level 2 – 250 hours: Professional Development and Credentialing – learn to work with others in a professional setting

REGISTRATION for the 2019 Level 1 program begins with these two requirements

  • Fill out an Intent to Apply. Our training groups are small and spaces fill up quickly – let us know you’re interested!
  • Take an Introductory Workshop – All introductory workshops for the 500-hr training program are taught by Lanie BerginNOTE: Attendance at an Introductory Workshop is a required part of applying for the program. Your application is not complete without attendance at an Introductory Workshop. 




During the intro workshop you will participate in lively discussions, movement and art making

Be guided and inspired! Through presentations, Bergin Learning Arts videos and demonstrations, you will learn about:

  • The founders of Bergin Learning Arts, Lanie Bergin and Tom McLaren
  • Bergin Learning Arts, LLC: An approved educational provider in professional development
  • Expressive Arts: Its roots, the varied ways it is used in education and therapy, how it is applicable to varied populations, and all ages and cultures
  • Embodied Expressive Arts Training Curricula development: Inspired by our study and collaboration with pioneers in the field of expressive arts
  • Credentialing and international accreditation process
  • Enrollment, Tuition and Registration Requirements
  • Applying your training as a professional —  Q&A forum

Identify and put it to work! Get first hand experience with an expressive arts class centered around movement while addressing important personal questions such as:

  • Why are you interested in this training?
  • How will you use/implement the skills you would learn from the training program?
  • How will this training program fit into your life?
  • Do you want this training for personal and/or professional development?

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Enrollment is open in June 2018, for the Level 1, 2019 training program

More info?  info@berginlearningarts.com


Expressive Arts Education attracts people who are looking for cutting edge resources in development, healing and growth personally and/or professionally:


School Counselor

Cognitive Therapist/Social Worker/Counselor

Caregiver, mentor, coach

Body-based practitioner (yoga, occupational therapy…)

For personal creative development (option/intention to take Level 1 only)

Comments from the Training Class of 2016

I appreciate the thought, detail and clinical process put into facilitating this program, as I am a mental health clinician myself. I feel blessed that I am a part of this rewarding program and recommend it highly.

The personal mining experiences are providing me with such profound self insight in a safe, extremely fun and structured way.

I am learning about the heart, mind and physical body connection in a way that all other therapies I’ve committed to, didn’t even touch.

And here’s a video link introducing the training program!

image for link to portfolio page from bla

There are lots of ways to learn about our program, phone, Skype, closed group workshop for your colleagues/friends or a private session — use the form below to inquire.

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