The Teacher’s Way workshops – 5 part series

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Evergreen Art Therapy Association. Workshop: Body inside the Art. October 1st, 1pm – 3pm. Seattle WA. Info: 

OregonAEYC Fall Conference, October 13th 2017: The Teacher’s Way workshop Part I  Session: A-08. and Part II Session: B-13. Sign-up here.

2017 Professional Southeast Chapter, OR. 

What teachers had to say about the workshop: 

I’m going to try drumming with my kids!

I’m going to create a journal of “gifts” to help me reduce my negativity.

I feel more confident that I can talk openly with co-workers.

I have a new lens to observe myself and the children I work with.

Helpful to use drawing, even scribbling to reduce stress!

Surprised to see how the arts can slow me down, easy and very effective.

OregonAEYC Fall Conference, October 14 & 15, 2016: The Teacher’s Way workshop

What teachers had to say about the workshop: 

Want to share this work with kids.

Can you come back next year and teach this workshop again?

Helpful for working with kids both at work AND home.

The combination of different expressive arts activities really helped me to see what is important in my life and what I want to work on to improve.

Annual Parent Child Preschools Organization Conference, April 2, 2016

What teachers and parents found useful about the workshop:

Stress relief.

The ideas and activities.

Slowing down, breathing, drawing.

Very relaxing, great way to reflect upon oneself.

New perspective.

Reflection on self-care, how it is different for everyone.

Having time and space to be.


OregonAEYC Fall 2015 Conference

What teachers had to say:

I feel refreshed! Renewed.

Although I would not normally choose to express myself through drawing, I nevertheless found it helpful, revealing and relevant.

I loved the class – the drawing and expression.

What I liked best was that I had time to focus on me!

I loved how the drawing helped me to express myself.

I enjoyed talking with others and sharing stories about self-care. I learned a lot about what I need to take care!

 Oregon Afterschool Conference November 7, 2015

What teachers had to say:

I loved the group activities and working together as a group.

Thank you for listening to us and giving us time to reflect and share. Invaluable!

The workshop was unlike anything I expected — I liked that I was able to express myself artistically.

Amazing and kind of life changing. Thank you!

Friendly House Community Center

What teachers had to say:

Drawing activities were insightful and I could see how it would help children to express their emotions.

I always need reminders to keep positive – thanks for the reminder!

The workshop made me aware of the connection between drawing and expressing oneself. And now I plan to pay more attention to the children’s art-making process.

I found it very helpful and insightful — I learned a lot about the mind-body connection and how that awareness can help me with stress.

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